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What is Chiropractic


Taking A Natural Systemic Approach To Healing

The human body is a self-healing organism whose activities are controlled entirely by the nervous system. Your nervous system sends signals telling your heart to beat, your legs to move, and your wounds to heal. The nervous system passes these precious signals to and from the brain through nerves. Your spine is what protects these nerves and the signals that pass through them.  If your spine becomes misaligned by physical, chemical, or emotional stress, these signals can be interrupted. Spinal misalignments, also known as vertebral subluxations, may or may not be accompanied with pain, but the interruption of the nervous system signals can be detrimental to your body’s health. Chiropractors are trained to find these spinal misalignments and correct them, allowing your body to function at its highest capacity.

Patients benefit from chiropractic therapy in a number of ways. Patients come to the chiropractor for relief from pain, relief from illness and to prevent these pains and illnesses before they occur. At Coshocton Chiropractic each patient receives a treatment plan that specifically addresses your particular needs to ensure your spine is in line and allowing the nervous system to function at full capacity.

Coshocton Chiropractor | What is Chiropractic. Dr. Jake Snyder is a Coshocton Chiropractor.